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Pointful Education Next-Gen CTE courses prepare students for their future by equipping them with job-specific knowledge, skills, and industry certifications.  Our career-ready courses enable students to grasp, understand, and realize the full potential of new and emerging technologies, how these technologies impact future-focused careers, our society, and the economy.  Courses are developed in conjunction with nationally recognized career clusters and aim to prepare students for the careers and technologies of their future.


career clusters

architecture & construction

arts, a/v technology & communications

business management & administration


education & training

health science

information technology


transportation, distribution & logistics




We want students to GRASP the complex technologies in our world and become aware of what is happening  around them.

We want students to absorb, contemplate, and discuss to fully UNDERSTAND both the benefits and drawbacks of new technologies.

We want students to REALIZE the potential and growth of new technologies, and the possibilities this may bring to their own future.

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