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Pointful Education NextGen CTE & Elective Courses provide students with a unique opportunity to learn, focus, and achieve! Whether used for virtual or distance learning, or as a supplemental curriculum in the classroom, courses offer pathways that prepare students for industry certifications, future-focused careers, and emerging technologies.

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Give students a robust instructional experience that engages them in learning every step of the way with relevant content, interactives, videos, graphics, discussion boards, text-to-speech, activities, and projects.


Ignite a passion for learning with a curriculum that features unique and relevant topics, prepares students for future-focused careers, and equips them with industry knowledge of new and emerging technologies.


Partner with a cutting-edge global publisher that delivers curriculum through a real-world lens where students reflect and apply concepts to their everyday life and examine the impact to our society and the economy.

course catalog

Adobe Illustrator Certification Course

Adobe InDesign Certification Course

Adobe Photoshop Certification Course

Aeronautics and Space Travel

Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications

Career Exploration in Dentistry

Career Exploration in Finance

Career Exploration in Healthcare

Cloud Technologies and the Internet of Things

Construction: Fundamentals and Careers

Drones: Remote Pilot Certification Course

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Certification Course

Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Fundamentals of Blockchain & Cryptography

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Education & Teaching

LEED Green Associate Certification Course

Robotics: Applications and Careers

Smart Cities: Technology and Applications

Startups and Innovation

The History of Gaming and Esports

Transportation Technologies

Wearable Technology Innovations

Coming Soon!

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