digital curriculum

At Pointful Education, our powerful digital curriculum delivers exceptional learning experiences for students.  Courses are engaging, innovative, and bring real-world concepts to life.  Through Our Framework, we seek to ensure that students grasp, understand, and realize the full potential and growth of new technologies to pursue THEIR own passions.


With interactive activities, videos, graphics, discussion boards, polling, and projects throughout every module, students are engaged in learning every step of the way.


Instruction is presented through a real-world lens with opportunities for students to reflect and apply concepts to their everyday life.  Through these authentic connections, students examine the impact of new technologies on our economy and society.


Course objectives and core competencies reinforce concepts through an innovative framework where students grasp, understand, and realize the potential of new technologies and future careers.

quality matters

Grounded in research and driven by best practices, Quality Matters provides us with a system to guide us in developing and maintaining a curriculum that is current with research-supported practices that are based on quality standards, evaluation tools, and procedures.  As a recognized K12 member of Quality Matters, we are committed to their mission to "promote and improve the quality of online education and student learning nationally and internationally".

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