Course Description:
This course introduces students to the Adobe Illustrator and prepares students to take the ACE Certification Exam on Illustrator. Students will get an insight into what it is like working in the graphic design industry. Students will learn everything from absolute basics like navigating Illustrator to performing complex tasks like managing colors, drawing, creating illustrations, and much more. The course contains guided video tutorials, hands-on projects, and step-by-step resources that help students learn how to work in Illustrator.

Module 1: Working in the Design Industry

In this module, students will explore how to set up design projects using Adobe Illustrator, the industry-standard software tool for graphic design and illustration. Students will learn about how the applications in Creative Cloud can be used together on successful projects and think about the purpose and audience for their graphics work so that they can design for the needs of their audience. They will also begin to make decisions like a designer about what should be included in a project, build on their awareness of copyright and licensing, recognize the responsibilities involved in managing a design project, and find out how to communicate well with other people about their design plans.

Module 2: Understanding Digital Graphics and Illustration

Find out about the fundamentals of graphic design! In this module, students will begin to think like designers, learning some of the terminology used in the design industry and exploring the elements and principles of good design. Next, they'll learn about how designers make decisions about their work, including the essentials of color theory and typography. Finally, they'll find out how to choose the best file type for the job by examining some of the benefits and drawbacks of the file types used on the web and in print.  

Module 3: Understanding Adobe Illustrator Part I

In this module, students will take a first look at the Adobe Illustrator CC user interface and begin to find their way around the software. They will explore how the fundamental tools work, finding out how to select objects, move them, draw lines and shapes and make transformations. Next, they will set up their workspace, and finally, they will discover ways to use tools like rulers and guides to facilitate the design process.

Module 4: Understanding Adobe Illustrator Part II

In this module, students will take a deeper dive into the functionality of Adobe Illustrator CC. They will try out using layers, managing colors and brushes, and explore how the various modes and views can be used while working on a graphic design or illustration project. Finally, they will get some practice with the vector drawing tools that Illustrator provides.

Module 5: Creating Digital Graphics and Illustrations Part I

In this module, students will find out how to set up a document for web, print, and video. They will further explore the range of drawing tools that Illustrator offers, creating more complex shapes and transforming graphics and illustrations to suit their design. As they work, they will develop more experience with the software and gain confidence when working with the interface.

Module 6: Creating Digital Graphics and Illustrations Part II

In this module, students will find out how to modify the visibility of layers using opacity and masks to create depth in their work. They will learn how t import various different asset types, manipulate typography and create 3D effects using the perspective tools. In the process, they will gain familiarity with some of the more complex tools that Illustrator offers.

Module 7: Archive, Export, and Publish Graphics

In this module, students will find out how to get their files ready for exporting to the web, printing or using in video production and then export their graphics and illustrations to various file formats. From there, they will review the structure of the ACE Illustrator Certification Exam, reviewing the preparation they’ll need to do to gain a passing grade.

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