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instructional design

At Pointful Education, our powerful instructional design delivers an exceptional learning experience for students that is engaging, innovative, and brings real-world concepts to life.  Through our digitally enhanced framework and use of multiple pedagogical concepts, courses are student-centered, structured in a research-based format, and utilize online learning best practices to optimize outcomes. 


Give students a robust instructional experience that engages them in learning every step of the way with relevant content, interactives, videos, graphics, discussion boards, text-to-speech, activities, and projects.


Ignite a passion for learning with a curriculum that features unique and relevant topics, prepares students for future-focused careers, and equips them with industry knowledge of new and emerging technologies.


Partner with a cutting-edge global publisher that delivers curriculum through a real-world lens where students reflect and apply concepts to their everyday life and examine the impact to our society and the economy.

Female Student with Laptop

quality matters

Grounded in research and driven by best practices, Quality Matters provides us with a system for developing and maintaining a curriculum that is current with research-supported practices. As a recognized K12 member of Quality Matters, we are committed to their mission to "promote and improve the quality of online education and student learning".

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