• Steve

Why should you learn about dentistry in high school?

Wild animals never go to the dentist. You'll never see a lion booking an appointment with a cheetah to place a prosthetic canine tooth because his cracked. You'll never see a hippo on laughing gas getting a cavity filled. Probably the closest approximation of dentistry you'll find in the wild is when a crocodile lazily opens his massive jaws and allows the Egyptian Plover bird to peck out the bits of food left behind in the croc's teeth. The bird gets a tasty meal, the croc gets to keep his pearly whites- everyone's a winner!

Then there are humans... it basically takes a small village of dental professionals for us to care for our teeth throughout our lifetime! It seems kind of ridiculous at first- all those people making money from such a tiny part of our body. Or at least it seemed a bit ridiculous to me.

Until I learned just how badly we need it. You see, our diets are not like a crocodile, lion, or other wild animal's diets. We have all these sugary, carbohydrate-y foods that provide the perfect opportunity for plaque to go to do its thing, and for tartar to have its hay-day. And it will. To the point that our bones will degenerate and our teeth will literally fall out if we don't care for them.

Luckily we have numerous people in our society who literally make it their job in life to help us keep our teeth. And if things in our mouth get really bad, there are even specialists who can help us replace our teeth with prosthetic ones.

Below are the careers in dentistry that we cover in this course; careers centered around teeth and maximizing oral health.

· Dental assistant- the dentist's right hand man (or woman)!

· Dental hygienist- teeth cleaners extraordinaire!

· Dental laboratory technician- makers of really cool dental stuff!

· Community dental health coordinators- getting dental help for people who need it most!

· General dentist- our go-to person for mouthly maintenance!

· Dental specialists- a small army of dental professionals each the master of a specific set of dental skills!

There are also some additional modules that explore other facets related to dentistry such as

· Dental administration- a look at all that goes on behind the scenes to keep a dental office up and running!

· Dental products- a look at some of the seriously cool technology in dentistry!

· Dental school- for all of you ambitious enough to consider going to dental school, will help you make a plan to get there!

That's just a surface overview. Each module is stuffed to the brim with information, information that will give you a leg-up in your career, should you decide to pursue a career in dentistry. We'll cover things like the different numbering systems for teeth, various oral diseases and conditions, how what you eat impacts your oral health, and the instruments professionals use to care for and inspect your teeth.

By the end of the course you are going to be so excited for your future career in dentistry!