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Promoting Student Ownership Through Career Education

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With Pointful Education courses, The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS ) has made it possible for their students to expand their career education, apply what they learn to real-world experience, and acquire knowledge that focuses on college and career preparation. When students complete Pointful Education courses, VLACS goal is to inspire students to further examine and pursue work-based learning opportunities such as job shadows, micro-internships, and informational interviews. To further illustrate student learning, VLACS rewards every student who completes a Pointful Education career course with a digital badge. These badges are a digital credential that verifies a student’s career-ready skills in an area of expertise. A digital badge is even more specific than a traditional transcript in that it provides a detailed account of a student’s advanced studies and training. By completing Pointful Education career-focused courses, students are prepared to begin post-secondary education, pursue a career, or earn an industryrecognized certification - opportunities that are all possible with the Pointful Education and VLACS partnership.

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CaseStudy_VLACS_Pointful Educationpdf


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